Posted by admin on May 9, 2018

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Dark chestnut walk-in closet

Closet Color Tips

Okay, so now that you've decided to upgrade your walk-in closet, what's the best color for your new closet system? So many choices from basic white to dark wood tones, natural wood, even some non-conventional options like red or black--really, it's limitless.

The first thing to understand is that the color has nothing to do with the function of your closet. But of course it has a tremendous impact on the aesthetic character of your home so it is essential that your new closet is in accord with your home's decor.

These are some of the guidelines we suggest to our clients to help with closet color choice.

  1. Choose a closet color that matches the trim color. For example, if you have white trim, white closet components add a nice balance. Off white trim colors like Linen White work very well with ivory or Antique white closet fixtures.
  2. Choose a color that matches your bath decor. Often when a master walk-in closet is part of a master suite the bath is closet at hand so extending the color and style to the closet works very well. Whether your bath is natural maple cabinets or dark espresso there is probably a closet component color that will offer a very close match. Be mindful of door styles and crown molding details. Your closet will become an integrated compliment to your home's decor, rather than looking like an ill-matched after thought.
  3. We find that many clients like to choose a closet material that matches the finish of their bedroom furnishings. Again, as with bath cabinet details, you can choose colors and textures, door styles and molding details that fit well with your bed and dresser.
  4. Floor colors and textures present great opportunities to compliment closet materials. Match colors or opt for a pleasant contrasting wood tone.
  5. Wall color: One of the most popular choices we see for closet colors is to match ivory closet systems with Linen White walls. The colors blend seamlessly. If you are into neutral shades, this can be a great choice. With so many color options available for closet components, matching your wall color with a complimentary color is a great way to go.

The most important thing to remember is the function is always the most important feature of your new closet. But don't be afraid to have some fun with the color.

Happy closet install day.