Posted by admin on April 12, 2019

Closets are Going Gray

800x500-GreyBedroom-Closet.jpgJust browse through any home decor magazine or binge watch your fave HGTV shows and you will notice that the latest color trends for wall colors, flooring and tile accents have shifted to clean whites and tones of gray. In the past two years custom closet color palettes have evolved to reflect this change. Through the early 00's natural wood tones were the most desired closet finishes. Now those dark cherry and candlelight cabinets seem so dated.

It's not just a matter of color palettes shifting either. Styles are definitely becoming more contemporary. Simple clean lines with less ornamentation prevalent in traditional style moldings and deeply layered architectural details. This is reflected in all of the design elements we gather into our homes, from lighting to furnishings, flooring, decorative hardware and bath fixtures and those essential spaces at the heart of a home--kitchens and closets.

Not ready to embrace mid-century or Euro-modern styles? Wait a couple of years to see what trends next.