Posted by admin on March 14, 2019


Five Tips to Keep Your Pantry Organized


A pantry closet is the perfect place to store and organize bulk purchases of non-perishable food items and paper goods. The challenge is in fitting a variety of products that come in so many sizes--cereal boxes, canned goods, baking supplies, paper towels and cases of beverages onto the available shelf space. You want a clear view of the items stored in y our pantry, and you want everything within easy reach when you're busy trying to get a meal on the table. The goal is to maximize the space you have with efficient storage.


Often the shelves of builder installed pantry closets are too deep and are not adjustable, causing a tangled cluster of a mess! You can't find what you need and it becomes stressful to continually dig through the rubble of your shelves for every item you need to prepare a meal.


There are some simple solutions. With thoughtful planning and design, today's contemporary closet systems can easily accommodate all of your pantry goods, and save you time and money.


Consider these five tips to help your pantry flow better:


1.  Adjustable shelves: This is an absolute must to efficiently maximize your pantry space. Customize your adjustments for canned goods or cereal boxes and stop wasting space.

 2.  Vertical divisions: Even a small pantry will benefit from being divided into separate vertical sections that allow for even more independent options for shelf adjustment. Visit our case studies page to see a before and after pantry with vertical divider and adjustable shelves.

3. Tray dividers: Tray dividers are an efficient way to store trays, platters, or baking sheets.

4.  Roll out accessories: Roll-out drawers and baskets put pantry items at your finger tips and in clear view. Shallow drawers are a great way to store canned goods, teas, pasta--you name it. No more digging through the stuff on a shelf to see what's in the back. Pull out a drawer and find it at once.

5. Use containers with uniform shapes and sizes: Plastic bins or canisters for pastas, cereals or baking supplies fit efficiently on shelves adjusted for their size and shape and allow you to fit more in your pantry.


Finally, simplify your life by purging any unused or out dated items from your pantry. Limit what you store to those things you need in your kitchen. The key to easy access to your pantry is organization, and having a system will keep you organized.